Zietlow Innovative Engineering & Technology

Zietlow Innnovative Engineering & Technology is an industrial process enginering and technology development company founded by Doug Zietlow in 2013.

To date, the company has focused on developing a new energy storage and conversion technology called Synthetic Coal Cycle Technology™ or synCCT™, US Patent 9692069.

A major application of synCCT™ is to make grid-scale solar and wind energy dispatchable as electricity with or without high voltage transmission.

Doug presented a poster and submitted a paper for the 2015 Carbon Management Technololgy Conference in Houston, TX.
The poster and paper explain synCCT™ and compare its commercial feasibility to other competitive technologies for storing and transporting grid-scale renewable energy for electricity on demand.

Doug also conducted a crowd funding campaign to help offset the cost of the patent application.
This fact may not be very interesting, but the campaign website has more information on Doug and a video with some fun animation explaining synCCT™,
although in general terms because the patent application had not yet been filed and wasn't public information until 6 months later.

For business or technical inquiries, please contact Doug Zietlow at d.a.zietlow@zietllc.com.

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